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GILVERDI’s herbal supplements are based on the development of a unique combination of herbs, which enhance their properties and effectiveness.

All ingredients are 100% natural and are approved by the Ministry of Health.


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icon Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements

The formulas are synergistically combined, to both maximize the benefits derived from the individual herbs and the combination of the different herbs together

icon Maximum Efficiency

Maximum Efficiency

Our herbal supplements provide a holistic response to a wide range of chronic diseases. They address the root of the ailment with the foundations of alternative medicine

icon Experts in Alternative Medicine

Experts in Alternative Medicine

Twelve years of study in Japan, practicing the methods of alternative medicine and herbal virtues. Trained and specialized with masters in Phyto – homeopathy, Kampō – Yaku, Shiatsu, nutritional medicine, and aromatherapy

icon Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Vered Gilad is an expert in alternative medicine and aromatherapy. She has over 30 years of experience in alternative medical care and has developed unique formulas utilizing the virtues of herbs, towards the optimal outcome of the treatments

Our Products

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Ageless, an herbal supplement, represents an innovative and groundbreaking combination of two well-designed formulas with active ingredients that provide a comprehensive and unique anti-aging herbal supplement

The herbs that make up the formula have long been known in the medical literature:



An herbal formula designed to strengthen and support the immune system in defending against pathogens.

The herbs that make up the formula have long been known in the medical literature:



A formula combining both the knowledge of traditional herbal ingredients as well as current research and development. The formula contains superfood extracts, vitamins, and minerals

The herbs that make up the formula have long been known in the medical literature:

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Reserve an appointment for a personal diagnosis and treatment with Vered Gilad, an expert in alternative medical, aromatherapy, and virtues of herbs, and developer of products that solve various ailments. She will attempt to tailor the best treatment possible for you

To reserve an appointment and treatment with Vered, call us at 077-8047793 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible